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Hiring an attorney is always important following an arrest. It is especially important when the charge includes a sexual offense. Has someone made false allegations against you? Did you have the required mental state for the charge? Were you married to the person involved in the incident? Are you eligible for a treatment program? These are all issues an experienced criminal defense attorney can help evaluate for your case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Fighting For You To Avoid The Consequences Of Sexual Offenses

  • You may be required to participate in and successfully complete a program of treatment.
  • You may be prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school or child care facility.
  • You may be prohibited from being physically present within 500 feet of a child care facility, school, public park or swimming pool.
  • You may be prohibited from serving as an athletic coach, manager or trainer.
  • You may be required to pay money to the victim regardless of whether you are sentenced to a term of imprisonment or probation.
  • You may be required to register as a sexual offender.

As experienced trial lawyers, the attorneys at Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer know the complexities that can arise in sexual offense cases. Our attorneys can help if you have been charged with any sexual offense in Missouri, including:

  • Internet sex crimes: We have experience representing clients who have been charged with a variety of factual situations facing charges that include child pornography and promoting online sexual solicitation.
  • Sexual assault: In Missouri, crimes of sexual assault range from sexual misconduct to rape to deviate sexual assault. Every sexual assault charge is serious, and our attorneys respond aggressively regardless of the charge.
  • Statutory rape: The crime of first-degree statutory rape in Missouri is committed when someone has sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 14. Second-degree statutory rape in Missouri involves a person over 21 years old having sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 17.
  • Sodomy: Under Missouri law, deviate sexual intercourse is criminalized under separate statutes for sodomy, and statutory sodomy. The specific charge is based on the factual situation, but both crimes are serious and require an aggressive defense.
  • Child molestation: This is a category of crime that covers multiple offenses under Missouri law. In addition to charges of child molestation in the first and second-degree are the crimes of sexual misconduct involving a child, enticement of a child and sexual trafficking of a child.

Sexual contact with a student : This offense occurs when teachers, employees and other adults affiliated with a school has sexual contact with a public school student.

Offering An Aggressive Defense Against Serious Sexual Offense Charges

Each of these charges has the potential to cause serious damage to your personal and professional life, in addition to the possible legal penalties. When we take on your criminal defense for a sexual crime, our attorneys will:

  1. Evaluate your case by gathering all evidence and talking to witnesses to verify your account.
  2. Assess mitigating circumstances. Was it consensual? Are the allegations made against you false?
  3. Prepare for trial, if necessary. We promise to protect your rights and use our skills against the complex issues that arise during the litigation process.

Our attorneys will fight for you regardless of the complexity of your case, whatever the allegations. We take your criminal defense as seriously as the state takes prosecuting these offenses.

For more information on sexual offenses, access revised statutes of the state of Missouri:

Let An Attorney Experienced With Sex Crimes In Missouri Guide Your Defense

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